Topics I: How do we use wisdom when choosing a partner?

Monastic life is not an alternative escape for not being able to find a marriage partner. One should only become a monastic if one has had some inspirational experiences of life that make one want to take this path. When it comes to finding a suitable partner for marriage, character, instead of appearance, should be the first consideration. Look for qualities like virtue, kindness, honesty, and simplicity. Secondly, your spouse must be clearheaded. Thirdly, your spouse must be an understanding person who cares not only about you but about others as well.

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Topics II- Lotus and Buddhahood

The Lotus Sutra teaches about the supreme, thorough, and ultimate Buddhadharma; though it won't make us a Buddha immediately, at least it teaches us to take on the first step on the path to Buddhahood. The Shurangama Sutra shows us how different methods lead to the same enlightenment, though it doesn't mean that one will attain enlightenment instantaneously after hearing it. Nevertheless, they certainly help us alleviate our attachment and affliction.

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How did the nine grade lotus in the pure land come about?
Why does Buddhism use the lotus flower as a symbol ?

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