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Family Ethnics
Eight-Form Moving Meditation

Family Ethics

Family ethics focus on the mutual help and interaction within the three interpersonal relationships of husband and wife, parents and children, and siblings. People today tend to have small families, or at most with three generations living under the same roof, although the latter has become rare. The most common problems facing small families of modern society are: Parents are not showing adequate concern and care towards their children, while children's filial piety, respect, and concern towards their parents are flagging. For instance, the media often reports on the descendants of prominent celebrities fighting amongst themselves over their inheritance, or even filing law suits against each other. They are only calculating their personal interests and do not consider harmony in the family.

The family forms the most basic constituent of any society. A healthy and happy family forms the cornerstone of a happy and harmonious society. Each family member, regardless of position in the family, should think how to give to the family instead of calculating what they can gain from others. Each should fulfill their duties and responsibilities. No matter how others act, we must play our part, and be grateful and respectful towards our elders and show concern and care towards our own and the younger generation. That is what ethics of the family are. In this way, the family will certainly become happy and harmonious. Whether poor or rich, the noble or lowly, harmony and happiness equal well-being.

Eight-Form Moving Meditation

Dharma Drum’s Eight-Form Moving Meditation was developed by Master Sheng Yen of Dharma Drum Mountain as a means of allowing people living stressful and busy lifestyles to enjoy some of the benefits of Chan meditation. The system, based on many years of practice and personal experience, has incorporated the essence of Chan meditation into a series of simple physical exercises. In addition to physical exercise, practice of the Eight Forms helps you relax your body and mind, so that you can develop a healthy body and a balanced mind.

Dharma Drum’s Eight-Form Moving Meditation is a set of easy-to-learn exercises that can be practiced almost anywhere and at anytime. This system of “meditation through motion” is beneficial to both body and mind, and once acquired through diligent practice, can be performed whether walking, standing, sitting or reclining, so that you are always mindful of being relaxed in body and mind. By practicing the Eight Forms, you will always be composed and at ease, and at every moment enjoy the bliss of meditation and the joy of the Dharma.

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