The 2015 Dharma Drum Mountain Ordination Ceremony - Following the Path of the Buddha

The first shave to clean all unwholesome karma. The second shave to purify all wholesome karmic roots. The third shave to be ordained to deliver sentient beings. To perfect merit and wisdom - to be clothed in compassion.

These sayings reflect the pursuit of the ultimate meaning of life by the Buddha more than two thousand and five hundred years ago through the renunciation of fame and power.

In the morning of 12th September 2015, thirteen newly ordained novices paid respect to the Triple Gem and their family at the Grand Buddha Hall as their compassionate vows to be ordained were fulfilled on the birthday of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. With the warm wishes of some six hundred attendees, the 2015 Dharma Drum Mountain Sangha Ordination ceremony was successfully completed.
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